Choosing Songs

Because your wedding is personal to you, your the best person to choose the soundtrack. That being said the songs you choose can change the whole feel and impact of the film so make sure you don’t choose tacky or cliché songs you won’t like in years to come.

I always say to clients choose songs you have liked for years that way in the future you will still like it. Unlike a recent top 40 song that you hate a few months after your wedding because you have heard it too many times.

Choose a variety of songs, fast, slow etc..

1. Select your songs for your different film lengths.
2. Submit the song list via your booking portal or e-mail.

Music FAQ

Song Ideas

Here is a selection of songs I have used for wedding videos in the past.  Where they fit in the overall edit can vary in each wedding.  I hope it gives you a few ideas of what songs you can use in your wedding video or on your wedding day.

To view the playlist of songs click the icon in the top right corner and scroll through them.

When listening to the songs try and ignore the video component and try and visualise your wedding day.