LED Media | Promotional Video

LED Media needed a way to market their business and to show how much of a difference using an LED screen will improve a business’s image and marketing. We filmed Daniel their General Manager talking about the company and then overlaid stock footage, animations, photos and videos of their products in use. The video is a huge help to get … Read More

Shine Program | Promotional Video

It was a privilege to be involved in capturing and spreading the word of what the Shine project does for high school girls and women in prison. The difference this program makes in their lives is amazing, these girls are learning how to break free from their past and to look to the future where they can make a difference … Read More

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement | Conference Video Teaser

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement wanted to use video to promote their up and coming conference. We used a combination of professional voice over recording and stock footage to tell the story of what their conference is all about. Do you need to promote your conference or event? Video is the best way to show your potential attendees … Read More

Doncare Promotional Video

Doncare corporate promotional video

I had the pleasure of working with Doncare to create a promotional video to showcase the services they provide to the city of Manningham in Victoria, Australia. I couldn’t believe the amount of work they do for the community and the services they offer to people in need. It is mostly run by volunteers and just some of the services … Read More