Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement | Promotional Video

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement wanted to use video to promote their business. We filmed their CEO Christopher Hall talking about the company and the different services they offer. We also captured some testimonials of past clients to add a deeper level and emotion to the video to help get the audience to understand what the organisation does … Read More

Shine Program | Promotional Video

It was a privilege to be involved in capturing and spreading the word of what the Shine project does for high school girls and women in prison. The difference this program makes in their lives is amazing, these girls are learning how to break free from their past and to look to the future where they can make a difference … Read More

Fresche | Product Video

Fresche Bioscience creates a unique product that can be added to many different surfaces and can be included in the manufacturing process to protect it from growing mould and nasty bugs that can hurt you. They needed a video to help explain just what their product does. We used a combination of a voice-over, stock footage and animations to get … Read More

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement | Conference Video Teaser

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement wanted to use video to promote their up and coming conference. We used a combination of professional voice over recording and stock footage to tell the story of what their conference is all about. Do you need to promote your conference or event? Video is the best way to show your potential attendees … Read More

Annette and Ash | Melbourne Wedding Video @ Half Acre

I had met Annette and Ash before their wedding at many of their friend’s weddings that I filmed. Now it was their turn to get married and I was so honoured that they picked me to video their wedding. They had their first look at the St Vincent Gardens in South Melbourne which is a beautiful place for wedding photos. … Read More

Emily and David | Yarra Valley Wedding Video @ Chateau Yering Hotel

Emily and David had their wedding at the amazing Chateau Yering Hotel in the Yarra Valley which was so beautiful but to top it off they had their reception outside which I loved. It was a little chilly but an outside reception looks stunning and was so much fun. Everyone had a ball. Please enjoy watching their wedding video and … Read More

Amy and Gerri | Melbourne Wedding Video @ Collingwood Children’s Farm

When Amy and Gerri said they were having their wedding at the Collingwood Children’s Farm I was like what? You can have your wedding there? That is so cool. And it was! There were so many things I loved about Amy and Gerri’s wedding but one of the biggest was how much they loved each other and how relaxed they … Read More

Jessica and Nathan | Melbourne Wedding Video @ Brighton Savoy

Jessica and Nathan were planning to have a beach wedding but the weather had a different idea on that. It was such a wet and windy day in Melbourne for a wedding. Luckily the Brighton Savoy had the space for the ceremony. Their wedding was an amazing day and better yet they had a gender reveal during the reception which … Read More

Stacey and Adrian

I am glad Stacey didn’t meet her husband on a TV show. Because if she had she wouldn’t have married such a top bloke like Adrian. Adrian and Stacey were married at the beautiful Rivers Edge Events followed by a boat cruise along the Yarra for a sneak peak of Moomba. Then we headed back to party the night away … Read More

Melody and Matt

I loved filming Melody and Matt’s wedding.  The love they have between each other is beautiful.  Check out the scrapbook Melody made of their relationship and every step along the way.