Send photos and music

To send me your music and photo files you can upload them to my Google Drive below.

[useyourdrive dir=”0B3toViMG6-ivV0dHZGgzRUtTODA” mode=”files” viewrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” filelayout=”list” downloadrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber” search=”0″ showbreadcrumb=”0″ upload=”1″ uploadrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” notificationupload=”1″ rename=”1″ renamefilesrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|guest” renamefoldersrole=”none” move=”1″ movefilesrole=”administrator|editor|guest” movefoldersrole=”administrator|editor|guest” addfolder=”1″ addfolderrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|guest”]

How to upload

1. Create a folder with your names eg (Julie & James)
2. Click “upload files” button
3. Select the files from your hard drive you want to send.
4. Click “Open or OK” button
5. Wait for all files to upload before closing your browser.
6. Email me so I know to look out for your music/photos.